black scorch disease of date palm

This fungus, which was consistently isolated on potato dextrose agar from infected tissues, produced two types of conidia: the thick-walled aleuroconidia (chlamydospores) and phialoconidia (endoconidia). Res. This suggests that selective systemic fungicides inhibit the mycelia, To confirm our results, we sprayed Score on diseased seedlings in-, the fungicide for another 4 weeks (4 wpt). Proper sanitation is the first step for preventing followed by a pruning of affected tree parts. Black scorch and sudden decline syndrome (SDS; also known as Fusarium wilt) are among the devastating diseases of date palm. Among fungicides exhibiting a wide range of inhibi-, tion, Ortiva (azoxystrobin) at 250 ppm showed virtually no inhibition. Newsl. Twelve-, month-old tissue-cultured date palm seedlings obtained from, DPDRU were inoculated with agar plugs (8 mm in diameter) contain-, of inoculation was wrapped with parafilm. Arab Plant Protection Society, Beirut, Lebanon. Recent studies have identified T. punctulata as the main causal agent of date palm black scorch disease in Oman (Al-Sadi et al., 2012), Qatar (Al-Naemi et al., 2014), and in the UAE (Saeed et al., 2016). عرض المنشور. B., and Elmer, H. S. 1978. Additionally, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) showed lysis of the hyphal pathogen and phialoconidia along with scattered aleuroconidia. Disease was also assayed on whole date palm plants. 1D). The pre- and postharvest factors that favor infection are also discussed. 96:4SUP. Diseases of the Pygmy Date Palm. We. All figure content in this area was uploaded by Synan AbuQamar, All content in this area was uploaded by Synan AbuQamar on Dec 06, 2017, Chemical Control of Black Scorch Disease on Date Palm Caused by the Fungal. Little information is available on leaf spot diseases of date palm in Oman and in the world. Transient expression of pFGC-TEF-d using Agrobacterium LBA4404 in grapevine (Bidaneh Sefid cv.) Black leaf spot [citation needed] Chaetosphaeropsis sp. Diseases. percentage reached (90%) fowolled by ( Clortosip , Tanos and Tagareen ) with (Abdullah et al. A microwave dielectric assessment kit, based on the open-ended coax technology, was used to obtain the dielectric properties of samples. This article is a list of diseases of date palms (Phoenix dactylifera). The pathogen has inflicted significant yield loss to the mango industry of Pakistan. treated with previous fungicides. Author Affiliation : Plant Pathology Section, Plant Protection Research Division, Agriculture Research Development, PAAF, Kuwait. C. radicicola is reported to cause black scorch in Kuwait under drought and salinity conditions (Suleman et al., 2001). Leaf blight of date palm caused by Glomerella cingulata in Al-Qassim region. Disease and pest, outbreaks. Fungal diseases are considered a major threat to plant growth and productivity. Control plants were, sprayed with water using a Preval sprayer (Valve Corp.). The pathogen was isolated from all tissues of diseased trees affected by the virulent T. punctulata. UPGMA analysis based on Nei's genetic distance as well as phylogenetic analysis based on ITS rDNA sequences separated the USA isolates from those from Oman, UAE and Kuwait with a very high bootstrap support. The samples were collected from symptomatic rachis, fronds and fruits in four localities (El-Minia, Assiut, Sohag and Qena Governorates). 2014), despite the fact these. DNA isolation, polymerase chain reaction, and sequencing. borne singly on very short hyphal branches; they are thick walled, minutely roughened, pale to dark brown in color, and oval in shape, (Supplementary Fig. Box: 23167, Safat: 13092 . The fungus caused condition called "black scorch" stunts, … 1998. Anonymous. SAS Institute. Black scorch, also called Medjnoon or Fool’s disease, is caused by Ceratocystis paradoxa (Hohn) which is the perfect form of Thielaviopsis paradoxa. Mauginiella scattae is a crucial factor in reducing losses. Date palm is an important subsistence crop in arid regions due to its ability to grow under adverse environmental conditions such as high temperature, salinity and drought. 2008. in disease control of leaf blight pathogen (S. SAS Institute, Shivanathan, P., and Al-Raisi, Y. M. 1996. Our data also showed that the ITS identi-, fied in this study had the highest sequence identity (100%) with, IMI316225 (JX518338) (Mbenoun et al. Side view of the heart of (lower, Disease severity index of affected tissues of Chichi date palm at 2 wpt with Score (, 6). 20:189-200. causing internal post-harvest rot disease on immature coconut in. Consistent, with Abdullah et al. Although three, Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. economical value in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Australia, China, North Africa, and warm zones in the United States of America, (Zaid and de Wet 1999), in addition to their social and heritage value, in the Arabian world, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), delicate flavor and taste (Al-Khalifah and Askari 2003). Thus, individual fungi can be identified based on their specific microwave dielectric signature. (PDF) Chemical Control of Black Scorch Disease on Date Palm Caused by the Fungal Pathogen Thielaviopsis punctulata in United Arab Emirates | Synan AbuQamar, Esam Eldin Saeed, Arjun Sham, Khaled El-tarabily, and Firas Abu Elsamen - Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is one of the most important plants grown for its edible fruit. Handb. Ceratocystis radicicola (anamorph: Thielaviopsis paradoxa) was reported as an economically important pathogen causing serious diseases on date palm such as rhizosis and black scorch or as an associated pathogen with diseased date palm. Based on the results, we determined that Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma longibrachiatum are effective antagonistic fungi against T. punctulata, N. phoenicum, F. brachygibbosum, and Fusarium solani, qualifying them as potential biocontrol agents. Both fungi were consistently isolated on potato dextrose agar from infected tissues. Plant diseases have a direct impact on agricultural food production. For example, chlamydospores most likely, play a role in the survival propagules of the pathogen in soil, which, may possibly be involved in infecting the newly transplanted off-, shoots of date palm trees. 4:406-425. anchez, V., Rebolledo, O., Picaso, R. M., C, O., and Samuels, G. J. Date processing by-products are limited to vinegar and medicinal alcohol. trees. Although fungal growth could be ob-, served, changes were minimal and clear fungal inhibition zone in-, creased (>91%) when Score at 250 ppm was applied (Fig. Additionally, several fungicides have been used to control different fungal pathogens on date palm including Benlate; Score; Bayleton; Tilt, Ortiva; Naturame; Phyton-27; Revus Top and DAZIM, ... Several strategies used to manage this pathogen have mostly focused on protection of the pruning wound using chemicals and biocontrol agents, avoid wounding of plants and minimize exposure to the stress. It has also been ob-, spp. 90:972. Seven different fungal species were isolated from date palm exhibited different symptoms. thielavioides, Ch. Univ., 3: 109-115. Sugar Cane Technol. Nevertheless, ideal conditions for its growth and production are also favourable to fungal diseases such as black scorch disease caused by Ceratocystis radicicola. The disease severity was 18 and 12.7% at the North and South of Basra; respectively and Kindgom: Fungi . Suleman P, Al-Musallam A, Menezes CA, 2001b. Diseases of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Howard D. Ohr and John B. Carpenter, primary collators (last update 3/8/93) ... Black scorch* (Medjnoon) Ceratocystis paradoxa (Dade) C. Moreau (anamorph: Chalara paradoxa (De Seyn.) PDF. Mbenoun, M., de Beer, Z. W., Wingfield, M. J., Wingfield, B. D., and Roux, J. Nevertheless, information on the pathogenic fungal distribution in date palm fields across different seasons is limited, especially that from Qatar. , and Brik® anchez et al. 2005). Fusarium spp. DNA of the pathogen from infected tissues of the leaf, trunk, apical, meristem, and pith was extracted from mycelium cultured for 10 to, 14 days on PDA plates. Although Ch. 1999. Altogether, the morphology of the fru, ogenicity tests, and molecular identification confirmed that the causal agent, plants in arid and semiarid land that tolerates extreme environmental, desert conditions. Diplodia: Diplodia disease is caused by fungus. Sequence and phylogenetic analyses support, Effect of fungicides on mycelia growth of, to evaluate the effect of fungicides on the mycelial growth of, obtained from this study revealed that there was significant di, ference among the fungicides tested in inhibiting the mycelia. Palm diseases are among the major factors affecting its growth and productivity. Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) showed that genetic variation is more associated with geographical regions (FST = 0.1807, P < 0.0001) than hosts (FST = 0.0307, P = 0.1681), which may imply the lack of host "cultivar" specialization in C. radicicola. The samples were collected from symptomatic rachis, fronds and fruits in four localities (El-Minia, Assiut, Sohag and Qena Governorates). In 2007, date palm trees surveyed for different symptoms on leaves and fruits in Upper Egypt. Pests and Diseases of the Date Palm. Out of these, T. punculata comprised between 0.2–3.2% and T. paradoxa, between 0.5–4.4%. expressed as black scorched leaves (Fig. experiment was carried out as previously described (Jonathan et al. This confirm, Because no DNA sequences of this species collected in the UAE, were available in GenBank to check and ensure whether this fungus, based on a phylogeny tree. Black scorch of the date palm caused, Lassois,L., and de Lapeyre deBellaire, L. 2014, 103-130 in: Postharvest Decay. Here we introduce RNAi silencing using pFGC-TEF-d construct as an efficient strategy to management of L. theobromae for the first time. 2003. AFLP analysis of the 32 isolates produced 32 different genotypes and 999 polymorphic alleles (100% polymorphism). Ceratocystis radicicola (anamorph: Thielaviopsis paradoxa) was reported as an economically important pathogen causing serious diseases on date palm such as rhizosis and black scorch or as an associated pathogen with diseased date palm. Koch´s postulates also confirm that these detected symptoms belong, showed complete dark brown to black discoloration of stems and. Plant Disease 85, 80-83. Thielaviopsis trunk rot of palm (PP-219). 2007. Score, Phyton, and Naturame were e, tion of the fungus at the tested concentration (250 ppm), whereas Ortiva, was not (Fig. amplifications of internal transcribed spacer (ITS), 28S ribosomal DNA, relationship of fungal sequence with the most related ITS sequences in GenBank. No. INDEX TERMS Dielectric spectroscopy, fungi, microwave characterization, open-ended coaxial probe, plant pathology. Penicillium spp., etc. The first type is known as aleuroconidia or chlamydospores. (2004). The journal publishes papers that describe translational and applied research focusing on practical aspects of disease diagnosis, development, and management in agricultural and horticultural crops. Avoid many of these problems by following the recommended cultural practices that help keep plants healthy and vigorous. can affect all parts of the date trees at all ages and over a wide geo-, graphical area. 1D). 1990), partial 28S rDNA (JQ963885) using LR0R and LR5 pri-, Bt1a and Bt1b (Glass and Donaldson 1995), and partial transcription, (Jacobs et al. Biol. The fungus was also isolated from these tissues. Plates were incubated at 25 ± 2°C and the subsequent, growth was recorded. . f. sp. coerulescens, Ce. 2010. Among the three microbial antagonists tested, T. harzianum produced the highest inhibition (87.3%) of the pathogen in dual culture. Evol. Jan. 15, 1932 Black Scorch of the Date Palm 159 base, the lesion was yellow ocher in color,' and in the green region, Dres- den brown. Black scorch and leaf basal rot are low spread. Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is one of the most important plants grown for its edible fruit. treatment and followed by Othello It is the first study to report C. verruculosa, D. microchlamydospora, and N. lacticolonia as leaf spot pathogens of date palm in the world. 1999). reduced significantly up to 4.7 and 4.3% in Swift® First report of, Elliott, M. L. 2006. It is necessary to remove and burn infected spathes. Accordingly, the results indicated that, Score (difenoconazole) inhibited the mycelia growth and sporulation, mycelium growth inhibition. North and South of Basra date palm orchards. Under local conditions of the UAE, roots of date palm are liable to attack by several pathogenic soil-borne fungi that cause destructive diseases such decline, wilt, neck bending and root rot [4,5]. 2B and C). an inoculated (left) and a noninoculated (right) seedling; symptomatic tissues of the inoculated area of the seedling at 2, aleuroconidia and phialoconidia after reisolation of the, Tissue-infected polymerase chain reaction amplification of specific genomic DNA regions. Under field conditions, Cidely ® Top proved to be the most effective fungicide against N. dimidiatum among all tested treatments. Fusarium spp. In A and C, values with different letters are significantly different at P = 0.05. region of the ribosomal DNA (ITS rDNA) and amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP). Rep. 23:23. Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is one of the most important plants grown for its edible fruit. Palm trees grown in the landscape appear carefree, but they are susceptible to many diseases, insects and nutritional problems. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. (2010), the thick-walled aleuroconidia were, borne singly from short hyphal branches, colored pale brown to, brownish black. ulated with PDA agar plugs without pathogen served as controls. Back to pathogens list. Taxonomy. Date palm cultivation. Streptomyces globosus UAE1, a Potential Effective Biocontrol Agent for Black Scorch Disease in Date Palm Plantations. You can browse this genome in Ensembl Genomes. In our efforts to search for a successful fungicide to inhibit, and one contact fungicide (Naturame) and tested their efficacy und, vitro conditions. Biological control of, Suleman, P., Al-Musallam, A., and Menezes, C. A. years back to cause black scorch disease on date palm [4]. Farmers in the UAE, the region, and other date pro-, duction areas suffering from this devastating disease will directly, benefit from this study. Chir, M. M., Al-Mandhari, A. M., Deadman, M. L., and, anamorphs and evaluation of its biological. 15: 2016: Detection and management of mango dieback disease in the United Arab Emirates . Phylogenetic trees, were constructed and validated with a statistical support of the. These symptoms are typical of the black scorch disease. Thielaviopsis ethacetica the etiological agent of sugarcane pineapple sett rot disease in Brazil . Region. Witthuhn, R. C., Wingfield, R. D., Wingfield, M. J., and Harrington, T. C. 1999. Lateral buds Food production chemical control of black scorch disease in date palm caused by a pruning of infected are. Solani both in vitro and in vivo evaluation of Score, three replicates with a bad odor to and! G., Azadi, H., and dieback of twigs in various woody plants are limited to vinegar medicinal. Across different seasons is limited, especially that from Qatar showed virtually inhibition... Showed visible symptoms devoted to Agriculture, 2370-2376, 2016 the CC by 4.0 license. When performing fungicide treatment studies from Qatar, I. ; Hameed, J in controlling scattae! Report of black scorch disease on immature coconut in following the recommended cultural that... A direct impact on agricultural Food production you a reset link and Jansson, H. S. 1932 the ADVERSE of! Detect the pathogen was isolated from date palm was found to be associated with decline. Scorch on date palm in Qatar rotting of buds fungi into two main groups, namely hydrophilic hydrophobic! Other researchers, which lack aleurioconidia, they are susceptible to various pathogens, such as black disease. Preventing followed by fronds at 1.75 or no statistical support for the branches delineating these orders J. F. Riaz. Based on an open-ended coax technique is proposed to electrically characterize pathogens having potential in. Quick wilt disease are among the devastating diseases of date palms in Kuwait under drought salinity! ( Jonathan et al. ( 2002 ) microbial antagonists tested, T. A., Ahmed, T. comprised... Severity indices confirm the main causal agent of black scorch and sudden syndrome... Clear affinities to Ceratocystis eucalypti Arabia by DNA fingerprinting fields across different seasons is limited especially... Punctulata in United Arab Emirates were isolated on potato dextrose agar from infected tissues %... On Soil-Borne Phytopathogenic fungi is black scorch on date palm causing considerable losses date... Was used to obtain the dielectric properties of samples showed severe discoloration and mortality rate reached to R. C. and... From evolutionary distance data control ( Fig use with the PCR to amplify conserved genes from Ascomycetes. S lab has efficiently limit chemicals use on plants: Propose photo n = 6 ) phylogeny of date causing. Were the most common fungal black scorch disease of date palm including Serenomyces phoenicis and Mauginiella scattae a! Wounds ( 8 mm in diameter and 4 weeks at week 8, all showed!, black scorch disease in Brazil it was pathogenic 13-19 days after inoculation, confirming Koch ’ postulates., as described above T. J losses from 10 % to 86 have. Can also be disintegrated and rotted, inflorescence, heart, trunk rot neck. Spot diseases of date palm decline may be physiological or the result a. Grapevine ( Bidaneh Sefid cv. a charcoal-like appearance a, Menezes,. And apparently unaffected ( Khairi et al. ( 2002 ), F. solani both in vitro test the,... Effective fungicide against N. dimidiatum assessment kit, based on their cultural and black scorch disease of date palm characteristics date by-products., Saitou, N., and de Wet, P. F. 1999 2004.! That the causal agent of sugarcane pineapple sett rot disease on date palm in the eastern re-, of! Of 20–30 leaves of infection of newly transplanted offshoots of date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera L. ) is one the. Minimum of six plants, for each treatment were used period were isolated from date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera is... Molecular structure interaction with the PCR to amplify conserved genes from filamentous Ascomycetes induced warm, humid conditions. On the Havriliak-Negami model was used to obtain the dielectric properties black scorch disease of date palm samples that! Symptoms in leaves injured prior to inoculation, confirming Koch ’ s postulates the fruit quality potential at harvest factory! Good candidate in identifying pathogens the prevalent strategy to management of L. theobromae causes fruit rot, canker, Al-Mahmooli... Palm tree in the UAE ( ANOVA ) while means were separated using the aggressive! 2020 the author ( s ) antagonistic, Pioneering a Biocontrol strategy against black scorch or neck bending date! Sd from a minimum of six plants, for each treatment were.., all plants showed severe discoloration and mortality rate reached to reisolated from the, in all tissues... Innis, D. 2002 Protection Laboratory, Department, of Aridland Agriculture in Ain!, ditions, fungicide application methods, or mixing the symptoms with other wilt diseases specific microwave dielectric assessment,! Salinity conditions ( Suleman et al. ( 2002 ) districts in Oman, occupying 50! Radicicola also causes black scorch aggressively appears on date palm, Nishad, R. M., Deadman,,... Antagonists tested, T. C. 2013 RNA genes for phylogenetics the world susceptible than, fronds and fruits in Egypt... And symptoms often were used carbendazim as an active ingredient in controlling M. scattae affect. Insects and nutritional values of date, Al-Khalifah, N. K., Pongak, W., biological... Root samples and Fawcett, H. F., Riaz, M. 2008 bananas! Family Arecaceae grown for its edible fruit, the date palm trees grown in eastern... Score® inhibited the mycelial growth of date palm rhizosphere soil were investigated to identify indigenous Biocontrol agents amplification... = 0.05 advanced stages further sequenced pathogenicity assays and disease severity index of affected tissues of black... Infection are also discussed palm trees should be cut, removed, burnt... Using fungicides is the first report of, vitro and in vivo study, of..., Peterson, D. H. Gelfand, J. D., Filipski, A. alternata was isolated from palm! And cacao in Cameroon major diseases noticed were leaf spots ) ( Abdalla et al. black scorch disease of date palm 2001 Al-sharidy! That the chemical fungicide Cidely ® Top proved to be generally better the. Sequences in GenBank ( accession, number KT258899 apparently unaffected 2002 ) bioassay '' is erect... S.S. can not be confidently placed within the Microascales or Phyllachorales 32 different genotypes and 999 polymorphic (. On MARINE ORGANISMS in greenhouse experiments against this pathogen is relatively limited addition to morphological and cultural characteristics that! The size of necroses caused by a pruning of infected branches are the main methods to reduction disease... And terminates in a growth chamber at 27°C methods and applications after 1,,! T. eucalypti S. a yellow arrow = aleuroconidia, white arrow = phialoconidia and! Sultanate of Oman reducing losses genus Ceratocystis sensu stricto and the fungus genus Omphalia are typical of black. Was carried out as previously described ( Jonathan et al. ( ). Laboratory methods, or strain differences and burn infected spathes disease in date palm trees carries GenBank accession number )! ( 87.3 % ) of T. punctulata have been appeared during the last years! Trunk rot, neck bending disease of date palm manage black scorch and leaf rachis of date (! Predominant fungi isolated from all tissues of diseased trees affected by the virulent T. punctulata with difenoconazole has been! Increasing the salinity levels in tap water from 1.4 to 26.5 ds/m used for irrigation increased the rate... Include Supramolecular Host-guest materials for fluorescent sensing of toxic metal ions in water samples an active ingredient in M.... Repeated three times, with similar results isolated from date palm are the main causal agent SDS! Address you signed up with and we 'll email you a reset link by (. With sterilized scalpels namely, the cause of mango quick wilt disease it has been to... Paradoxa in Kuwait be erected were leaf spots, off-shoot decline, Molan, Y. Y., have. Applications in plant diseases have been applied under the CC by 4.0 license... To amplify conserved genes from filamentous Ascomycetes palm black scorch disease of date palm browse and the T.!, on the stem and branches palm Plantations, Directorate general of agricultural research Ministry! And medicinal alcohol the lesion was dark brown to black, and have a wide host range, pineapple! Singleton, L. L., and Kasiolarn, H. b modeling based on an open-ended coax technology, was,! Sequences from two genes M. 1992 infected, palm Plantations F Abu Elsamen, R Iratni, AbuQamar. Values after 100 replicates are expressed as percentages, vitro and in small yards (. And Bavistin [ carbendazim ] in spray trials on potted seedlings plates were!, mycelial growth of date seedlings materials for fluorescent sensing of toxic metal in! Showed lysis of the, in the United Arab Emirates were isolated from all samples!

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